""My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise!" 
- Psalm 57:7

Welcome to My Heart is Fixed
Chandra Danner Livingston's wealth and wellness consulting practice for inspiration, financial education and "green" e-commerce. Here, you'll find resources for living in abundance.  Chandra offers you strategies to become more efficient and profitable within your personal and business lifestyle.  It's Harvest Time: Reaping the Treasure God has Waiting For You, is Chandra's message about viewing your life through a "Faith" lens.  Chandra welcomes invitations to speak at wealth and wellness workshops to share strategies for authentic worship, healthy living and financial literacy. Chandra also campaigns for better health and wellness through the Arbonne opportunity.  As a leader, she provides training and consultation to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, teaching them how to tailor the Arbonne Advantage business model into their lifestyle. The My Heart is Fixed platform is about realizing better health and wealth through the awesome power of consistency and faith.  It's Your Time to become a better version of yourself as you harmonize the actions of your mind, body and soul toward achieving your life goals. It's Your Season to Refresh, Renew and Revive.

It's Harvest Time!