My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise!" 
- Psalm 57:7


Arbonne is a highly regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature. In September of 2008, Chandra was introduced to the Arbonne Advantage. This business model teaches families how to create additional income by marketing pure, safe, and beneficial beauty and nutrition products. Arbonne products help you have youthful skin, stay fit, and get a great night's sleep to wake up with the energy you need to get stuff done. After trying the anti-aging products for two weeks, Chandra was amazed by her dramatic new look!  Not only did her family and friends notice a youthful glow to her skin, but she soon discovered that the products were so good, they practically sold themselves. As a leader in the business, Chandra now travels the country spearheading workshops and training sessions as the Chair of the African American Taskforce and Member of the Multi-Cultural Advisory Board for Arbonne International.  Chandra is passionate about living an abundant life, in good health, and in service to others. 

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