My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise!" 
- Psalm 57:7
Chandra's Favorite Scriptures

The Birth of Christ 

Matthew 1:18-2:23Luke 1:26-2:40

The Sermon on the Mount 

Matthew 5-7

The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:3-11

The Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6:9-15Luke 11:2-4

The Prodigal Son

Luke 15:11-32

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:29-37

Palm Sunday

Luke 19:28-44

The Last Supper

Matthew 26:20-25Mark 14:12-26

The Garden of Gethsemane

Matthew 26:36-46

The Betrayal of Jesus

Matthew 26:47-56

The Death of Christ

Luke 23:26-56John 19:16-42

The Resurrection of Christ

John 20Luke 24Matthew 28

The Ascension

Acts 1:1-12

The Advent of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-21

The Conversion of Paul

Acts 9:1-31

The Love Chapter

1 Corinthians 13

The Faith Chapter

Hebrews 11

It's Harvest Time
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My Dear Friend; Did you know that God has a treasure in heaven waiting for you to claim? A bountiful, sweet harvest of blessings awaits you.  But you must nurture His spirit from within to receive your spiritual earthly inheritance. I wish to share with you how to unlock the wonderful and awesome blessings God has set aside for each of us -- blessings intended for our benefit during our earthly visitation. Read on and discover how to LIVE like a meadow stream, allowing your stored blessings to flow into your life, nourishing all that it touches. NOW is the time to reap what God has in storage for you.

- Chandra Danner Livingston

It's Harvest Time inspires personal growth. Chandra says,"Each day, the Lord provides a fresh Harvest of blessings!" Add it to your collection today!

It's Harvest Time: Reaping the Treasure God has Waiting for You is a how-to book on living an abundant life, one that is nurtured from within ones soul. The book describes in detail how to establish, build, and maintain ones faith to receive everything God has waiting for them.  An easy read and proof that good things really do come in small packages!

Living in the Dash

Authentic living is about seeking peace and purpose.  Listen to Chandra as she shares how to live in the D.A.S.H.  The D.A.S.H. of life begins as you Discover  your purpose. You must seek to invest in it with the expectation that God will provide the increase. Upon reaping your Abundance, seek to liberally share your talents and abilities. Yield to the Spirit  before you make decisions. Finally, no matter what you're facing, never give up Hope.  It is the only power that will keep you from focusing on "the now".  Living in the  D.A.S.H will perpetuate a Harvest Time state of mind.